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How to Teach Writing, May 13, 2024
Dr. Andy Johnson
Debunking SoR Neuroscience Claims by Dr. Steven Strauss
Teaching Reading Comprehension,
Dr. Andy Johnson
Trusting Readers: Attending to the Affective Side of Reading Development
Dr. Jennifer Scoggin & Hannah Schneewind
What's the Deal with the Science of Reading, Dr. Andy Johnson
A Neurocognitive Approach to Reading Instruction, Dr. Andy Johnson
Susan Vincent talks about what research really says about decodables and leveled text ©2024
Why Jahmelia Can’t Read or Write: Government Failures and the Reading Wars
In this talk, Prof Wyse discusses the importance of teaching reading & the education policies in England that ignited debate globally.
Zealotry in the Guise of Reading Science
Tom Newkird on the Science of Reading
The Truth About Reading: The Eyes and Brain at Work